Many people ask me, how and why did I first begin performing the many great hits of the past and so, it’s only right that I explain....

Military and music are in my blood and therefor it made complete sense to follow suit. I joined the Air Training Corp at the age of 13 years old and achieved my grade 8 in clarinet performance by 17 having also just learned to fly solo at 16!

My singing had begun within choirs at school but I’d never shown any inspiration to perform solo, I was always known for my clarinet performances so my solo singing career didn’t make a presence until some 10 years later when I met my husband to be.

My husband had always had an interest in all things military, and in particular the 1940s.

We decided to attend the Twinwood music festival together in 2012 and being a musician, I was aware that this was where the last flight from Glenn Miller took place so I was very keen to attend.

It was pointed out to me that the Tin Hat Club had an open mic session and it would be worth me applying, so I did just that.

Hair rolled, lipstick fixed and lyrics learned I gave my first ever performance of “I Know Why”, “Orange Coloured Sky” and “Why Don’t You Do Right?”

I got the bug, and before I knew it I was hosting an event in my local town of Whitchurch, Shropshire - with the whole town, family and friends supporting me.

I was then booked to perform at my Grandad’s local pub, then my Aunties WI flower arranging club, Nans art club and so on......

Fast forward to now and I now have 2 CDs out, have travelled the country, met some amazing people and their stories and have performed to thousands of people - may the years continue.

Besides being a 1940s tribute artist, I am also a mum to two young children, Henry & Holly, wife to Craig and dog lover to Taz - Border Terrier and Gibbs - Miniature Schnauzer.

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